Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate

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Words of wisdom come via the internet from Swami Satchidananda. He mentions Guru Sivanandaji who said, “Bear insult, bear injury. That’s the highest Yoga.”

Anyone can do asanas (poses), pranayama (controlled breathing) and meditate. All these practices can be done by yourself. However this is not great Yoga. Just because you can do headstand for a half an hour or hold your breath for a few minutes means little.This is not great Yoga.

Real Yoga is to adapt, adjust, accommodate. Wherever you are adapt yourself to the situation. Adjust yourself. Accommodate. Bear insult; bear injury. This is the greatest Yoga. That doesn’t mean you should not do asana, pranayama or meditation. Yes, do that. It will help you to strengthen the mind in order to bear insult and injury, because you need a strong and understanding mind.

Great Yoga is how you respond, how you move forward, and how you live your life. It’s inner peace. What happens on the inside happens on the outside.

The “Real Meaning” of Yoga

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I heard this the other day, and I believe it is a good question whether it is in or out of context:

‘Is the “real meaning” of yoga found in the practice itself or in the heart of the practitioner?’

Seasons Change

June 6, 2011 - One Response

What can I say? I’m so happy summer is arriving. It’s a great time to practice yoga!

Niagara Falls Memorial Weekend Yoga Retreat

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As both a traveler and a yoga teacher, I am so looking forward to leading my Niagara Falls Memorial Weekend Holiday Yoga Retreat presented by Pravassa. This special package has so much to offer, and Pravassa ~ Healthy Travel is just the company to do it. What an awesome locale this is to “shake up your senses” and welcome the onset of summer through a complete yoga practice. The Falls alone, being a natural wonder of the world, inspire, on a profound level, flow, letting go, the powerful feminine nurturing force, reflection, and communion with nature. We’ll be touring the Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds along with receiving a Discovery Passbook and Pravassa gift bag. It’s both a national and international offering, as we are housed ion a ovely boutique hotel only 1500 feet from the Upper Rapids on the USA side, and with passport in hand, we can walk across the bridge to experience more adventure in Canada. Plus most yogis or students of yoga do not have to be reminded of the importance of transitioning from one season into another by utilizing a yoga practice of asana, breathing and mindfullness; it supports life itself by making changes more inviting – days and nights are smooth and easy, even invigorating. Here in NYC, we can’t wait for warmer weather, the sprouting of flowers and sunnier days. The Niagara Retreat is just what the proverbial doctor ordered, and all levels are welcome. See you at the end of May! If you’re coming along on this excursion, you’ll be one of those folks with a child-like mind and big grin on your face!! 🙂 Namaste, Denise

Shake Up Your Senses

Happy New Year 2011!

January 9, 2011 - One Response

I enter this new year cycle with more enthusiasm and optimism than I’ve had in a while. I feel better about dealing with my health, my relationships, my work and the future which lies ahead. Disenchanted recently by the state of our country and the lack of integrity of our so-called leaders, I finally see a brighter path in front of me. Why? – mostly because of the people around me now. The universe has a way of bringing to us exactly what we need for life’s lessons, or for growing to a higher level of consciousness, whether we recognize this or not. Currently I have many supportive individuals around me who all appeared quite quickly in the past month as I sought out ways of continued healing and finding new positive direction for myself. I recognize this blessing. “Ask and you shall receive.” I believe with the approaching December 21, 2012 date around which many predictions have been made, we are all in for changes. In yoga, we “let go” or “detox” to make way for the new. I am ready. Are you?


October 23, 2010 - One Response

“Upanishads” means “to sit near,” meaning these words of wisdom or philosophical thoughts now studied by many yoga students, now in this text, were originally passed through the spoken word from teacher to student.

From the Upanishads:
“Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

From Aristotle:
“We are all what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

YogaWorks Midtown-Eastside Studio Closing

May 11, 2010 - Leave a Response

Although YogaWorks NYC has 6 studios in the city, I will miss my students at the Midtown Studio as it’s lease runs out and I am shifted to work at other YogaWorks locations. “Non-attachment” is part of Yoga Sutras and that which we study as yogis & yoginis, but I have a special place in my heart for those students who started with me a few years back. Some will come to my new classes, but most will move on to new places in yoga as they should. I will miss them dearly. As part of their metaphorical graduation to new horizons, I am hosting a picnic–party–get-together for everyone at my place and then in Central Park this Sunday. I hold the best wishes for everyone in my heart and will release them with melancholy joy this weekend. I hope you will too. ~ Namaste, Denise

YogaWorks 200-Hour Teacher Training

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Congratulations to the 30 teacher trainees who have done the 200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training since the beginning of January 2010 through the end of this month of March. Next weekend includes our final session, and it has been my pleasure assisting the teaching, working with all of you, and getting to know your wonderful, special, individual spirits. Good Luck on the final practicum and testing. I wish you all the best on your graduation and your new awakened yogic path ahead.

Namaste ~ Denise


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L.I.F.E. = “Look  Inside  For  Everything.” 

It is non-attachment that brings us true happiness.

Janaury 2010

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Every new year is a new opportunity.

The month of January got its name from the Roman god “Janus,” the patron of endings and beginnings. My January was so full of new opportunities, I moved right into this new year with a breeze, and it is already February. Great opportunities lie ahead for all who are open to them.